Faith Sullivan Visits Brainerd Public Library

Quote of the Day: You need some life experiences to be a good writer. Faith Sullivan, who was in her mid-40’s when she had her first book published.  Faith Sullivan, author of eight novels, numerous essays, and winner of the Midwest Book Award for her most recent book Good Night, Mr. Wodehouse, visited the Brainerd Public Library…
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Nunsense, Hilarious, Holy Musical At CLC

Quote of the Day: from the hilarious holy musical Nunsense! Sister Mary Amnesia: Back at the convent, we have this huge clock with the 12 apostles painted on it. And I know that when the big hand is on the John and the little hand is on the Peter, it’s time for the sisters to get…
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Elise Langer Pinocchio by Dan Norman

Children’s Theatre’s Pinocchio Sparks Imagination

Quote of the Day: Never trust people who promise to make you rich in a day. They’re either crazy or lying. Carlo Collodi, author of Pinocchio Lies, my dear boy, can easily be recognized. There are two kinds of them: those with short legs, and those with long noses. Your kind have long noses. Carlo Collodio, about Pinocchio  The…
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The Changelings, Review And Reflection On Theater

The Quote of the Day comes from the Question in the Program for Ten Thousand Things Theater: Why do you do theater? Kimberly Richardson, who plays three characters in their latest new play, The Changelings by Kira Obolensky, says, “I love live performance. In real life, I’m pretty shy. But performing I feel directly and creatively…
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Trouble In Mind At The Guthrie Theater, A Review

Quote of the Day: Ever since I’ve know you, you’ve never been trouble. Says the director Al Manners (John Catron) to the actor Wiletta Mayer (Margo Moorer) who is playing a mother in the deep south in a play about a lynching. That line reminded me of a time when someone said to me, “That never bothered…
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